5 Places in Goa for an Amazing Time with Friends

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Many people in Goa have a common misconception that a good time with some buddies can only be had at a fancy pub or some overpriced resort. But we’re here to tell you otherwise. There are plenty of scenic, quiet and empty places whos beauty can only be amplified with chilled out buds. Both the kinds 😀

So grab yourself a beer or some tea if that’s more your thing. And come along for the ride.


5. Casa Susegado, Ribandar

Casa Susegado, Ribandar
Image courtesy : Rahul Kotru

Chilling by the pool with your perfect drink and friends is easier said than done. The hard part? Finding a pool that’s quiet and empty enough for you to enjoy your evening. Casa Susegado is the perfect destination to cater to all your peace needs. Simply book your time slot for Rs 200 per 2 hours per head and enjoy the high life your style.  

Address : Kadamba Rd, Ilhas, Ribandar

Phone No : 080806 20320



4. Heart Shaped Lagoon at Suicide Point

Heart Shaped Lagoon at Suicide Point
Image courtesy : Shafia Silveria

Photoshoots, movies shooting, hangouts and lots more that happen in Bogmalo is at the Heart Shaped Lake that is situated near Bogmalo Beach resort. It is one of the famous tourist spots in Mormugao.

Getting to see a heart shaped lagoon with your pals can be a very soothing experience for everyone involved. But don’t let its popularity fool you. The lake is pretty empty for the better part of the day on weekdays.



3. Caranzalem Fields

Caranzalem Fields
Image courtesy : Eeshan Keni

Sometimes it’s good to return to a simpler time. A field serves the purpose well. Sitting on the pavement while cool breeze blows across your face and the green plants sway nonchalantly to and fro. A magical sight indeed.

But be sure to show up at 2pm – 4pm though. As afterwards the entire place gets packed with joggers. Anytime before 2 is too sunny.



2. Hilltop View at RajBagh Beach

Hilltop View at RajBagh Beach
Image courtesy : Goa Tourism

RajBagh is undoubtedly one of the cleanest beaches in all of Goa. Its shiney golden sand complements its sparkly clean water. Before entering the beach itself you’re greeted with hilltop view as you climb down the rocks. The combination white sands, clear seas and the hues of the Sun really makes RajBagh an ideal spot to chill out.

Please don’t leave behind any trash though 🙁




Image courtesy : Vinol Tauro

There cannot be a more perfect place to have an amazing time and some amazing beer in Goa. Udiyar has it all. Pristine wilderness, an empty freshwater pond and above all, complete isolation.

There’s also a waterfall to accompany you and your buds. An all in all perfect experience. But please don’t litter anything at this untouched corner of the state.



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