5 selfie spots in Goa for Instagram and beyond

Selfie lovers: You guys know that selfies aren’t about narcissism like some people say. They are about feeling confident with how you look, being excited about where you are. How many photos of monkeys are out there? A lot! But if it is a selfie, it suddenly because something personal and special. If selfie spots in Goa are what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. After all, Goa is the perfect place for pictures, be it for Instagram or Facebook.

Not a selfie fan? Don’t worry! The sites we are going to describe today work just as well as traditional photos. Just be careful if you are handing your camera over to a stranger to take your picture!


5. Selfie spots in Goa: Mandovi Riverside at night

Everyone knows that Panjim is one of the countries most photogenic metropolis, and we’ve got the lowdown on how to capture the perfect shots of the city. Though we think it looks good from any angle. Looking to make your Instagram followers seriously jealous? This selfie spot in Goa is perfect for a glimmering selfie alongside the backdrop of the beautiful Mandovi. Be sure to take in a boat or two. And if you are lucky you might even get one of the city’s floating casinos too.

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Image courtesy : Goa Insider


4. Selfie spots in Goa: Heart Shaped lake

Photoshoots, movies shooting, hangouts and lots more that happen in Bogmalo is at the Heart Shaped Lake that is situated near Bogmalo Beach resort. It is one of the famous selfie spots in Goa.


A selfie at the heart-shaped lake with your pals can be a very soothing experience for everyone involved. But don’t let its popularity fool you. The lake is pretty empty for the better part of the day on weekdays. Snap away!

Heart Shaped Lagoon at Suicide Point

Image courtesy : Shafia Silveria


3. Selfie spots in Goa: Fontainhas

For the unenlightened, Fontainhas is the oldest Latin Quarter in Goa, close to the hustle and bustle of Panjim city, but cut off from the same. Flanked by brightly colored houses that have a strong Portuguese influence are the streets of Fontainhas.

The entire place is truly stuck in time and makes a great addition to your selfie album. Add a vivid filter to brighten up the houses even more. Or not, they are already perfect either way.

goa selfie - seflie spots in goa - selfies in goa - selfies at goa beach - selfies at beach

Image courtesy : Culture Trip


2. Selfie spots in Goa : 3 Kings Church Hilltop

Need a surreal selfie spot in Goa like no other? Look no further than the 3 Kings church Hilltop near Bogmalo. The view from above is nothing like anything and is guaranteed to boost those likes like Dan Bilzerian. Know what makes this selfie spot even better? The church is apparently haunted. But don’t worry. Unless you like your selfies only at night, that shouldn’t really be an issue. A selfie stick is highly recommended to get more of the panoramic view at 3 Kings.

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Image courtesy: DJI Phantom


1. Selfie spots in Goa: Netravali Waterfall

Who doesn’t like a good waterfall? Not selfie lovers at least, that’s for sure. Grab yourself some buds and head over on an epic road trip down south. The Netravali waterfall is located way south near Goa’s border. A 45-minute bike ride from Margao. It’s not just the waterfall either. The ghats make a perfect getaway to a selfie escapade. So much so in fact that you’re probably gonna run out of battery. Don’t bother trying to post immediately though, the range here is worse than Ellie Goulding without autotune.


goa selfie - seflie spots in goa - selfies in goa - selfies at goa beach - selfies at beach

Image courtesy : Golden Goa


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