6 Exciting Activities In Goa You Need To Try

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The first thing that comes to your mind with the utterance of the word “Adventures” in Goa is water sports. But, while sightseers appreciate Goa’s scenic beauty and beaches, they long for more entertaining options. Away from the hustle bustle of the fast paced city life are some outdoor activities that can help you satiate your adrenaline rush without resorting to waterfront adventures that have become too mainstream nowadays. 

Here’s a list of 6 exciting activities which you have to try with your buddies when in Goa:

1) Go Karting at Nuvem & Arpora

For those looking to quench their need for speed, Go Karting is a must-do activity!  It is suitable for all kinds of age group, right from 10 year olds to 60 as they ensure absolute safety for the driver while making it enjoyable as well. 

There are two venues in Goa that offer this adventure sport, one each in the North (Arpora) & South (Nuvem). The track in Nuvem is one of the best in India and hosts JK Tyre National Go Karting Championship every year. The other go-karting track at Arpora is a smaller one of 340 metres, situated near the Saturday Night Market which is a heavily crowded tourist spot. 

Cost Per Person: Rs. 200-250 for 10 laps

Open Hours: 4 pm – 10 pm

Contact Number: Nuvem- 0832 273 4129
                                      Arpora- 0832 291 4526

Go-Karting Track at Nuvem Courtesy: The Goa Villa

Go-Karting Track at Nuvem
Courtesy: The Goa Villa

Arpora Track Courtesy: Road Trip Planner

Arpora Track
Courtesy: Road Trip Planner

2) Paintball Games at Milsim Goa and SPLAT

MilSim is an abbreviation of Military Simulation and are organised for entertainment purposes. Some of the thrilling activities here include airsoft games, paintball games, and video games simulating military scenarios and tactics. Very recently, they have also started a new activity called Human Foosball (A Novel Spin-off of the table foosball) and Virtual Insanity (VR Gaming experience). All of these are sure to give you a taste of real adventure. 

SPLAT– Oxford’s Paintball Arena at Anjuna is another option to indulge in this sport in North Goa.

These paintball abodes have become a sought after destination for a fun and adventure day out by many students and corporates as a part of team building. So if you enjoy playing outdoor games and frolicking in the open, then head over to these arena and start challenging your friends over a paintball game. 

Cost Per Person: Rs. 500 onwards depending on the equipments (No time restriction)

Open Hours: 9 am – 6 pm

Contact Number: Nuvem- 095528 88000
                                      Arpora- 0832 645 1873

Courtesy: Goa Streets

Courtesy: Goa Streets

3) Room Escape Games at Panjim & Calangute

The Room Escaping games are perfect for someone who is not into sporty things much and is rather into mind games. With a unique concept of live escape from a locked room by solving puzzles, riddles and overcoming physical obstacles within 60 minutes, they are sure to give you a thrilling experience. The best part is that they have a variety of crime-based themes for you to choose from.

Currently, there are two places in Goa that offer this Sherlock Holmes-inspired gaming. The first one is the Mystery Rooms in Calangute which has 7 other branches around India. The other one is located within the Caculo Mall Premises in Panjim by the name of Escapology

Cost Per Person: Rs. 500 – 1,000 (varies according to the team size and day of the week)

Open Hours: 11 am – 9 pm

Contact Number: Mystery Rooms – 073787 52444
                                      Escapology – 070459 06503

Courtesy: MysteryRooms

Courtesy: MysteryRooms

4) ATV Bike Rides at Ponda

Take a zipping drive along the trickiest courses in Goa with the four wheeled monsters, also known as ATV/Quad bikes. Goa’s First Commercial ATV Track was started in 2013 at Ponda by a group called ATV Adventures Goa. It has two tracks with varied difficulty levels and is spread over an area of 5 Acres. Hire your own ATV bikes and get your adrenaline pumped this vacation! 

Cost Per Person: Rs. 700 

Open Hours: 11 am – 9 pm

Contact Number:  098230 68599

Courtesy: GoBananas

Courtesy: GoBananas

5) Snow Park at Calangute

Bring to life all your snow fantasy now in Goa too by dancing and sliding it out at the newly opened Snow Park in Baga. Located amidst a number of nightclubs in the neighbourhood, this park is a novelty experience to specially the locals of Goa. The attractions include an ice slide, a maze of ice tracks, Sledging and a snow-filled play area with a number of games on offer. 

Cost Per Person: Rs. 750 

Open Hours: 11 am – 11 pm

Contact Number:  098230 68599

Courtesy: Snow Park Goa

Courtesy: Snow Park Goa

Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Courtesy: TripAdvisor

6) Zoccer 

Zoccer is by far the coolest mash-up of two exhilarating sports like Zorbing and Soccer. The rules to this game are similar to that of soccer. But here comes the twist, each player will be wearing a zorb ball which covers them from head to knee while playing this spin-off version of football. It turns into an overdose of fun & laughter when you bump into your mates and bounce back while trying to score a goal. You can try this out at Milsim and Grand Hyatt. One can also have their own Zoccer matches at any sports ground nearby with the help of Zoccer India who have been organising this at many colleges in Goa. 

Courtesy: Zoccer India

Courtesy: Zoccer India

Which other activity would you add to this list of the 6 exciting outdoor activities in Goa? Comment below and let us know 🙂

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