10 Cool Travel Tips For Summer Vacations In Goa

Summer Vacations in Goa

Summer has arrived. And so has the decades old craving of visiting everyone’s favourite tropical paradise full of beautiful beaches and more so beautiful people. Nothing beats letting go of work and enjoying a relaxing trip to a land where tradition meets modernity. Time to make the most of your trip. Here are 10 Cool Tips to make your next vacation to Goa one of the best.

10. Prefer mass public transport whenever possible

Renting bikes makes it easy – A bit too easy. A trip to Goa is never complete if you don’t truly relive the joyous spirit of the Goan people. Always travel via buses and train if you want to catch catch a glimpse of the Susegado daily lives of the locals.

PS: Travelling via the Vasco-Kulem-Vasco local train is a must.

Bust Stand in Vasco Da Gama, goaImage courtesy: We Are from Latvia

9. Always listen to the lifeguard

The slow riding waves might look tempting. But they could also be the last thing you ever see.

Your lifeguard knows what’s best – so always avoid swimming at isolated beaches. Also, be sure that you don’t swim near any rocks as the waves tend to be pretty unpredictable.

Lifeguard on duty a a beach in Goa

8. Learn the art of getting lost

A very well planned and coordinated trip to Goa is never a complete trip to Goa. Sometimes you just need to let go. Rent a bike for a day or two and just drive. No Maps, No plans, No worries.  Embrace what Goa has to offer. Locals are always happy to help you out when needed. Find the best of picturesque locales when you take on these amazing Road Trips within Goa.

Taking a Road Trip in Goa

Courtesy : Binit Kumar

7. Sample the local varieties of liquor- feni and urrak- with caution

The exquisite taste and unavailability anywhere else in the entire country makes chugging down an entire bottle of Feni or urrak very tempting to say the least. Smooth as they may taste,  make no mistake- they are extremely potent.

Goan Feni

Courtesy: Media India Group

6. Try to avoid the mainstream

Beaches in Goa are the bomb. But that does not mean that you should spend all your time at the beaches in the morning and the clubs at night. Goa has simply too much to offer. Some of the most Offbeat things to do in Goa include going on Waterfall Treks, Wildlife Expeditions and much more.

Virdi Waterfalls, Chorla Ghats, North Goa, Goa

Virdi Waterfalls in Chorla Ghats
Credits: Akhilesh Mahajan

5. Keep over the counter drugs ready at all times

Goa is pretty safe when it comes to any sort of diseases. However it’s best to keep some drugs handy. Like Germolene for rashes. ORS sachets are also a must, just in case you get diarrhea. Carrying a hand sanitizer around is also a good idea.

Above all be sure to make judicious use of Mosquito repellents.

Goa Pharmacy

4. Avoid spicy food if you can’t handle it

One of the great joys while travelling in India is eating street food. But if you have a sensitive stomach or not used to spicy food, don’t indulge in it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Although, fresh seafood (Especially the traditional Goan Fish Thali) is highly recommended. You can find ‘n’ number of Seafood Restaurants in Goa which serve fresh catch of the day at reasonable rates. 

Fresh Seafood in Goa

Courtesy: Indian Holiday


3. Beware of Scams

Even though Goans are generally very friendly and helpful, there are always a few bad apples everywhere. Refrain from talking to strangers, especially if they seem suspicious to you. Women who are travelling alone needs to be more careful. Do not accept any sort of ‘prizes’ or ‘offers’ that you may get tossed at on the streets by individuals.

2. Dress appropriately

Pack up your flip flops as they would be your best friends throughout the trip. It may be tempting to roam shirtless, but it’s highly not recommended. Goa is pretty sunny for the most part of the day, especially during summers. You could are bound to get severely sunburnt. So play smart and wear a cotton t-shirt for the most part of your journey. Even a tank top will do.

Dressing For Summer in Goa

Courtesy : BitterSweetSymphony

1. NEVER order shellfish from a place where very few or no people are eating

Unlike most sea food, shellfish can be refrigerated for days on end with no way of visually telling whether it’s fit for consumption or not. Some restaurants try to cut costs do just that. You can end up with severe food poisoning that could last you a day or two.

A general rule of thumb is ‘If it tastes/smells funny – don’t eat it’.

Mr. Bean GIF - Eating Shellfish in Goa

Mr Bean here learnt it the hard way

Got any more tips to spend summer in Goa at peace? Comment below and let us know. Or even better, Drop a personal tip on Goa’s only local friendly Travel App – Lokaso. Tap the button below to download. Happy Posting!

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