Top 5 Instagram Photographers from Goa

5 Instagram Photographers From Goa Who Will Inspire You To Hit The Road

Tired of all those low-light, blurry and grainy Instagram pictures mucking up your feed? Everyone thinks they’re a skilled photographer every now and then; thanks to the aid of easy-to-use image filters. But clearly, the professionals still own the best shots by far. They’ve spent years perfecting the art of capturing the right thing, at the right place at the right time. So don’t stress if you can’t duplicate the perfection.
In fact, Goa itself has so much to offer that it’s no surprise that some of our very own locals have hit the roads to capture only the most perfect shot. Here are 5 Instagram photographers from Goa who will inspire you to pack your bags and hit the road right away: 

5. @ericdsouza17

With a spectacle of colour right through to mood-setting black and white images, Panjim based photographer Eric D’Souza has a talent for capturing moments the right way. His pictures of perfect fireworks to captivating laser-filled wonders literally transport you to the heart of that event. If you can picture those memorable shots of festivals like Sunburn, Supersonic and San Joao Shuffle, chances are that they have been taken by Eric.

Goa, Pune, Mumbai… you name a music festival and he’s there. While his Instagram page mostly captures main stage shots, Eric does not shy away when it comes to capturing the personable and very welcome images of happy people enjoying the festival.

VH1 supersonic Goa 2015 Shot by Eric D'Souza

Eric D'Souza Photography of Goa Events

4. @arunabh_bhattacharjee

A winner of several contests including GEC Spectrum 2017 and Compcast 2K16, Arunabh Bhattacharjee has travelled quite a bit and captured some really beautiful shots and portraits from Goa and beyond. He has also been featured on several places online including The Ideal Indian and Photoflare 2016. With a mixture of landscape, wildlife, culture, & self-portrait photographs, he showcases his life on the road through the landscapes of India, one state at a time.

Following the mantra of “do what you love”, Arunabh has also posted about his travel experiences outside India. Check out his recent posts to catch some jaw dropping shots from Prévessin, Geneva and Rue de Lyon.

Portraits by Arunabh Bhattacharjee - Photographer from Goa

Prévessin, France Shot by the Goan Photographer Arunabh Bhattacharjee

Prévessin, France

3. @why_so_silly (Saurabh Dalvi)

Saurabh Dalvi applies a keen eye for form and symmetry to both man-made and natural landscapes found in the country. In the short time since started , he has amassed an impressive collection of images that capture the muted tones of places such as the Red Fort and our very own Taleigao in Goa. His Instagram is filled with pictures that look out for near-minimalism throughout Goa, his work can be described as anything but ‘silly’.

Campal, Panjim Goa shot by Saurabh Dalvi

Campal, Panjim

Red Fort, Delhi captured by Saurabh Dalvi

Red Fort, Delhi

2. @sheldonrodrigues23

If the countryside and Goa are what you like then you’re gonna love Sheldon Rodrigues’s Instagram feed. He spends his free time road tripping along Goa’s many serene roads and villages. From the desolated mud roads of Curdi to the bustling streets of Colva, he captures it all. Traversing the state on his trusted Royal Enfield, his Instagram is bound to make you want to leave that couch and drive off to infinity and beyond.

A hot cup of chai by the Chorla Ghats. Shot by Sheldon Rodrigues - Photographer from Goa

Chorla Ghats

Photographer Sheldon Rodrigues exploring Curdi, Goa

Exploring Curdi, Goa

1. @the_lazy_lefty (Samrudha Amonkar)

Samrudha Amonkar is a Goan photographer who has been capturing intimate lives of people in Goa and the rest of India for a few years now. His subjects vary from kids and butchers to street dancers and Saltpan workers. Samrudha’s playful portraiture is a dramatic take on an average Indian’s everyday life, and his chronicles of various cultures throughout the country have made him one great artistic documentarian. With the unique and raw style that carries the lo-fi aesthetic of the country, Samrudha’s work is gritty and graphically striking.

Portrait by Goan Photographer Samrudha Amonkar

"Shades of Love" - Captured by Samrudha Amonkar at the Carpet of Joy exhibit in Saligao, Goa

Carpet of Joy at Saligao, Goa

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